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The Inside-Out Approach

Weekly interactive group zoom meetings (women only)
Next Course:  Starting after Pesach
Price: $65 / month

Together with other singles, enjoy weekly meetings where you are invited and encouraged to have fun learning about yourself, relationships, and life itself!  

Don't be single alone!  


Grab this amazing opportunity to be supported while navigating the shidduch maze!  


Be prepared to laugh, to grow, to be inspired, to work on yourself, to discover your strengths and your blocks, to learn all you want to know about dating, relationships, and so much more! This is shidduch coaching from the inside-out. You will have the opportunity to not only learn everything I teach about ratzon, tefillah, bitachon, hakaros hatov, knowing yourself, having clarity about what you are looking for, dating, relationships, but as a group you will work on many exercises and assignments that will help you fully internalize these ideas. It is here that I teach all the new secrets that I have learned from working with so many wonderful men and women.   


There are plans to periodically invite amazing guests to offer exciting activities - such as writing, painting, and other fun stuff. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to contact me.


Pay on a monthly basis and unsubscribe whenever you want (hopefully because you have gotten engaged! :-) )


If you want to be supported through this challenging nisayon, if you want to grow, if you want to have fun with other singles learning about yourself, dating and life, if you want to gain clarity about what you are looking for and who to date, continue dating, and ultimately marry - please e-mail to set up a free clarity call to discover if this program might be a good fit for you.

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