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M'nucha Bialik,
Dating Coach


As someone who has endured the shidduch maze for a number of years, M'nucha knows how painful and confusing the shiddduch maze can be.

Whether you are a young man or woman just starting the shidduch process, or you have been dating for years, M'nucha is here to personally empower, support, guide, and inspire you to navigate the shidduch maze and find your bashert.

As a shidduch coach and author of Don’t Panic! How to Navigate the Shidduch Maze, M'nucha has helped countless men and women navigate the Shidduch maze.

Starting shidduchim and

don’t know what to look for in a spouse?

Dating for years and feeling stuck,

burnt-out or confused?

Looking for clarity, guidance, or support?

Partners in Shidduchim interview with M'nucha Bialik

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Interview with Mrs. Mnucha Bialik,
International Dating Coach

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