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Choosing a marriage partner is probably the most important decision you will ever make, yet it is a decision fraught with confusion and fear. As a shidduch coach and author of Don’t Panic! How to Navigate the Shidduch Maze, M'nucha has designed three different Shidduch Dating Programs to support YOU through this process!

The Inside-Out

Together with other singles, have fun learning about yourself, relationships, and life itself!  Be prepared to laugh, to grow, to be inspired, to work on yourself, to discover your strengths and your blocks, to learn all you want to know about dating, relationships, and so much more!
Weekly interactive group zoom
meetings (women only)

10 week Don’t Panic!
How to Navigate
the Shidduch Maze

Weekly group sessions
for 10 weeks (women only)
Option of pre-recorded sessions for men & women
Learn the steps and skills you need to navigate the shidduch maze, with Q&A at the end of each session.

Private Coaching:
Three Hour

Private coaching
Three hour workshop to get to know yourself and your kochos. Gain clarity about what YOU need in a spouse. Plus private, personal one-on-one coaching on a weekly basis or on an as-needed basis.

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